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Slow & Steady....Wins the race!

Slow & Steady…..wins the race!?

I’m back in school until November, so the production has come to a crawl… I did manage to make some labels with my logo tonight, so I decided to celebrate the occasion by blogging!

I have been making things here and there, but they haven’t been for sale. I’ve been giving them away as gifts. I should also mention that I have finally sold the old iphone as unlocked. The first auction on ebay was a fail, the buyer totally flaked, and we had to dispute it with ebay, but the second time around was a go! The buyer did a “buy it now”, and well…. My yudu is going to be in my home soon. I can’t wait!

I was thinking of broadcasting the first time use, but I’m thinking I need to concentrate. As easy as the videos all make it seem, I probably should pay attention, and having the chat on will just distract me. I can’t wait to get my silkscreen projects started.

Anyways, I’m ending for now.

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