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A quick update....

I've been stepping up my sewing lately, and I've actually got a little basket going of the things I'd like to sell. I have a ton of projects that I've cut out & pinned, but I'm missing a few finishing touches so they're piling up. I'm hoping to make it to the store this weekend to get what I need. 

I found a book that I'm really interested in reading. 
It's called "Crafty Superstar", and I'm hoping it will give me good ideas on finally getting this up & running, but I think I've been pretty productive with my little crafts. 
I'm thinking to add jewelry to my repertoire & I did managed to hunt down my old jewelry making tools & I'm considering it.
I haven't made anything significant since high-school & when I started college so I'm hoping that I can jump back into that & make some pieces soon. In H-school I use to run around with all my jewelry & sell them to my schoolmates. That was fun.

I think at this point, I really need to focus on my projects, so I won't be blogging as much. 

If you want to look at any of my progress please add me on flickr. 


This is the quickest way for me to update what I'm up to & making.

I'll blog if I learn something interesting & fun to share.
I occasionally run across some really good projects to try, so I'll share those when I can.

Wish me luck, I'm really excited. Hoping that my other crafty friends will be joining me in this endeavor. 

Til my next update.

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