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QUICK Washi tape holder tutorial...

We collected our supplies at Michaels & Lowes …

  • 1-  blank wooden sign (normally used for a decorative wall hanging)
Pick whatever shape & size you prefer,  but make sure it’s a sturdy thick piece because this will be your base to your washi tape holder and you don’t want it toppling over.
  • 1 – 1 inch thick dowel. I’m assuming you’re making a 6 stack one like mine in the picture so with that said, I got a 36” long dowel.
  •  A drill
  • A 1 inch hole saw
  • Wood glue
  • A hack saw
  • Paint if you prefer.
  • Felt (only if you want a  full felt bottom)  OR You could put little self-adhesive rubber/felt circles/ squares to act as feet on the bottom too. This will help protect the surface you place your washi tape display.  
I used a colored stain from Lowes because I wanted the wood grain to show through a lot more than seeing that layer of paint. I wasn’t very happy with the results, so I think if I make another wood project like this, I’ll be buying the other teal colored wood stain or maybe experiment with some food coloring & then seal it with acrylic after.  I’ll be sure to update if I try this out.

We finished this project in one evening. It took me a couple days to finish the painting portion. I put about 3 coats on & then a clear acrylic after. The only reason I did so many coats is just because it wasn't turning out like I was hoping. 

Determine where you would like your poles to go & mark center.
Tony used my actual washi tapes to figure out  a "nice" spacing to avoid an overcrowding look.
Drill down to 1/2 an inch or 3/4. Try not to drill straight through the base.  

Cut the dowel into six  --6 inch segments. 
I got a little impatient & tried out the wood stain while the dowels were drying. 

Use wood glue & place the dowels into the drilled holes.

Paint. Dry. Use.

Unfortunately, I've already ran out of room & have had to resort to a cheapy container from Daiso, however, if you can practice a little more self control unlike me. This holder should suffice. 

But I still have this one & love love love it! 

Let me know if you have any questions.


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