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nutty holiday season.

The crazy holiday season is upon us again. Things are nuts, and even though I wanted to try and blog at least once a week, I have pretty much stuck to it the best I could. Thanksgiving has come up so fast, and with me concentrating on trying to finish certain items, I feel swamped. I'm not even going to cook this year. Last year, I made an awesome turducken, but this year, I convinced the husband to eat out. So reservations have been made, and this year Thanksgiving is stress free! YAY! 
We'll be going to a local all you can eat buffet restaurant for dinner. Tatami's in Cupertino claims that we will have lobster, turkey, roast pig, and all the sides, PLUS my favorite.. SASHIMI & SUSHI!!!!! wooohoooo!

So no crazy grocery shopping, no getting up early to slave away in the kitchen, no dishes to wash or dirty kitchen to clean... 
It's all so easy, and I feel so guilty. I guess we shall see how I am feeling when we are sitting at our table.

With that said, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 
I have to listen to this song at least a dozen times the week leading up to Thanksgiving.. 



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