Hi there! Welcome to my GIRLY SPAZMS. I am most productive when I'm about to lose it. Easily distracted and daydreaming, I fight my way through the day just so I have moments like these. Please visit often as I am updating and adding new things when time allows . Feel free to drop me a line. Say hi, leave comments, suggestions, feedback & your experiences . Thanks for visiting my crafty blog & be sure to check out my etsy shop too.


Why I do what I do...

Crafting, regardless of what the project may be, is my coping method with life. It’s my “quiet time”.  Even when my surroundings are very much chaotic. When I'm concentrating on making something, my mind is clear, focused, and undisturbed. With all the craziness around me, and being in a world of open-endedness this is something I have complete control over. From start to finish, it's something textile, concrete, solid, that I have my hands on & I'm working to complete. If I don’t have a project going, I feel…empty, useless, unproductive… I’m happy when I’m crafting, and the same goes for cooking and cleaning. These are all set steps to get to a final finished vision.
Having the etsy shop open for over a month now has been exciting. Even when I’m just answering questions from random users, it gives me something to do. I like it. Being able to day dream, and figure out the next list of projects to do keeps me occupied. I’m so excited when I make a sale. I honestly think to myself, “SOMEONE actually liked it enough to buy it ?!?! from ME ?!?” I hope that that feeling never goes away.
Life is good. 

Just a snapshot of the current projects...

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