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OCD: Obsessive Crafting Disorder

In all honesty, WTH is wrong with me? I find something I like & that's it. Head over heels I fall in love, and it becomes my obsession for however long. It can be months, it can be a few weeks, heck it can be a couple hours.
But I can never just like something, I go literally crazy like a drug addict.
Take for example just these passed couple months into the new year.. I have become over obsessed with the following:
  1. paper punches- after years of avoiding these scrapbooking-type things I bought one heart paper punch, and suddenly within weeks I now have a collection. I've visited every craft store, looked online for hours on end, and gotten most of the paper punches I wanted. There is a pattern though. I love hearts, and so so far the majority has been heart-type ones. 
    the start of an addiction
  2. gocco- if you aren't familiar with the Japanese screen printing system, well, you should be. I learned about this several months ago when an old h-school friend of the hubby, Jose, left a comment on my yudu pics on  Facebook, and mentioned he was interested in the yudu, but has a gocco.  Well, I did some research on it, and didn't touch the idea again, since I had my yudu, but for some reason the BFF, Linda brought up silk screening on paper & well... That sparked the interest again, and one thing led to another, the youtube videos sucked me and I BAM! endless searching for projects other people have done, finding supplies, etc etc.  Apparently Riso (the company that makes the printing system has discontinued this item, but there is a cult following online. This is a great site to go to for more info:  http://www.savegocco.com/what-is-gocco/ Of course, Linda & I are researching on how to "hack" the gocco.  Needless to say, Linda bought one & we were to share custody, and even planned a playdate, which I am very excited about. But to my surprise the hubby bought one for me as an early Valentine/Anniversary gift.  So now, the search for all things gocco continues. Just type in "gocco" in the search field on flickr, and you'll get a ton of images to comb through. I'm sure I'll blog about my gocco experiences at some point. 
  3. stickers!!!!
  4. stickers- I always loved stickers since I was a kid. I remember at recess & lunch sitting around with the other little girls with all our sticker books, trading this for that, and yada yada. I still have my sticker collection from those days! I should take some pictures to share. Well, I started to buy stickers again. I've managed to refrain from buying any random stickers,  and just get the ones that i absolutely adore!
  5. paper- i've avoided all paper craziness for as long as I started crafting. That endless  isle of decorative paper in the local craft stores was always unvisited....until recently.  I started to buy papers because it was on sale. (tell me 6 sheets for 96 cents when the papers are usually 99 cents each isn't a good deal, and I'll slap you) now, it never fails I visit the paper isle as well, and if i think it's cute, or will make a good display background, it's mine. So so bad.  
Restraining myself is definitely something I need to work on.  I often joke around that I'm going to be the crazy homeless lady with a cart load of crafting items yelling at people to get the heck away from my things.... 
What helps me and this addictive behavior? Like the fabric, I take pictures, or print pictures out if I'm searching online.  That way it's something I "have", and I won't feel the need to actually buy it.

oh man, what am I going to do with myself...  this is insane.... I'm insane... I need to go to Crafters Anonymous.  Is there such a group? oh lord, we'd probably go on a crafting binge & buy out the entire store if possible... Wouldn't that be funny?

Ending for now. 
Happy Valentine's Day! <3 & Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary to my hubby!


I will be trying to blog more, as it is a form of therapy for me as well.

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