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Getting Legit..

So here I am. It’s already mid-September & the numerous incomplete blog entries are just sitting there waiting to be completed and posted. Oh, well…

I figured I’d have plenty of time when I’m on medical leave in November to do all the miscellaneous interwebbing task I’d like to catch up on. Read other blogs, put up some entries of my own, upload a ton of pictures on flickr… facebook…
I’ll stay busy.
So for now I’ll share what some of the main goals I’m trying to accomplish by the end of 2011. I’m going legit. Sellers permit, business license, and fictitious name papers will all be filed by hopefully October, but if it stretches out until November/December I won’t mind.
Why the push? Well, I want to be ready to sell & have a booth/ table.
I’m starting to be more confident of the items I make, and I’m ready to put myself out there a lot more. 

I recently attended (with the hubby & kiddos) the San Pedro Square Sign lighting ceremony, in beautiful downtown San Jose. We were able to do a walk- through of the whole floor plan, and I can honestly say I’m very excited about the vision the higher-ups have for this place.

If you’re interested here is their website.  http://www.sanpedrosquaremarket.com/
Well during our walk-through, I noticed a “rental table section- $20 a day” which got me very animated about the whole idea.  So excited that when I got home that night, I emailed to get more information.  So now I’m preparing…Sellers permit, I figured was the easiest, because that’s what everyone else wants you to turn in when you are doing a booth at a festival. Now I will have one of my very own.  Yay!

I also went out and got a PO Box for Girly Spazms. I figured with Christmas coming & the busy times I had last year, I’d like to mail things out from the new PO instead.  
So if anyone comes across this & feels the need to send some snail mail, send it on over.  I’d love some.
Girly Spazms P.O. Box 59661 San Jose, CA 95159
I have new business cards designed and ready to go, but I’ve placed them on hold until I get down to at least half of my other supply of the old cards.
I’ve been busy making lunch napkins & I am planning to add bento box sets to sell on my etsy shop as well as the table later.
I have my little brainstorming book that I carry around with me.  As much as I love my ipad, there is nothing like being able to write w/ good old paper and pen.

My cute little idea notebook.
 Quick update on Sam's elections. She didn't win, but to reward her for her bravery, we went out for some awesome udon & sushi dinner. We had a great time & over-all I think she's coping well with not wining. 

Now the kiddos (+ her bff) are asking for Halloween costumes & I'm slowly designing them.
Oh! Halloween is coming! My favorite! 

I also started commissioning Sammie (aka meowstachio) to start doing my graphic work on photoshop since she's such a whiz kid at it.

So that's it... 
I made another entry! yay me!!!


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