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Learn to laugh at yourself..

Sometimes you just have to learn to totally laugh at yourself.
So with the kiddos back in school.(I still can't believe I have kids in high school and junior high) we're back to making lunches, (happy that my kiddos love bringing lunches to school) I had this wonderful idea of making cute little cotton napkins for their lunches. Reusable, washable, and did I mention CUTE! oh yes, I did... 
Well, I've made quite a few. Some for the kiddos (if you haven't noticed by now, I am keen on the word "KIDDO"), some for the etsy shop. Quite excited with my stack of cute little napkins, I decide to do a search today on etsy, and the number of hits sent my head spinning. Yes, I know, I know... Napkins isn't exactly an innovative idea, but I just thought this was an awesome idea. Turns out I'm not as genius as I thought.  It's okay though, the practice was good for my sewing skills, and now I'm on a search to find the perfect fabric to make into our dining napkins. So what can you do... Just laugh. I'm still going to put up my little sets in my shop. Why not right? I mean it's something else to add to my endless growing number to the shop.

In etsy shop news, I can't believe it's already September. One more month, and October will be a full year since I opened my shop. I'm excited!

Latest & greatest: Sam is running for Freshman VP, so she put her crafty mama to work & this is the results of that. Elections are today & she finds out next week...

380 mustaches to hand out
holes punched & turned into necklaces to handout
Silkscreened Sam's shirt for election day
 After I had been cutting out about a hundred, the hubby comes in & cuts 2 & says "out of all the machines you have, none of them can cut this?" So now I'm looking into either the "sure cuts a lot" program or cricut software as a gift for myself in the near future...

Again you just laugh...
It's finally the weekend! Happy Labor Day everyone! 

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