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Quick Halloween floral arrangement tutorial!

You can use this tutorial for any holiday flower arrangement, but I was inspired by a ready made one at Michael's. I liked it so much that I actually was considering buying it for their price... $49.99... Oh boy that would have been buyer's remorse BIG TIME! So after pushing it around in the cart & carefully inspecting it, I figured out what I needed to make my own.

A craft pumpkin in your color choice... scalped.
I usually am very anal about perfect straight cuts, etc, but I was pressed for time. So I used a butter knife stabbed it around as much as I could, then ripped the rest of it off.
You won't see the edge after all the flowers are in it.

A stereofoam ball big enough to fit into your pumpkin.
I found this to be very light & if you have a top heavy floral arrangement, well, you're gonna need more weight in the base. So I suggest getting rocks or sand, putting that at the bottom, and then squeezing your ball or putting a half ball into your base...

Again, I was so pressed for time, so I just popped this sucker in there & went on sticking my floral pieces in there. I'll probably undo it & weigh it down next Halloween, but for now it's staying packed in the containers in the garage AS IS.

Now for the part I didn't show you... I did this a few weeks before the actual arrangement making. Got a few dollar store floral sprigs (your choice) & spray painted them black. It doesn't have to be completely coated. It actually gives them a neat look when some of the color still shows through the black...

In this photo you can see, some of the orange parts I missed.
 All I did was spread out the sprigs as much as possible, put them out on my very abused dropped cloth & sprayed away. Flipped it over and sprayed some more.
 I use to be very shy when it came to spray painting things... Now, not so much! Let me at it!!! :::evil grin:::


I did buy a few "pricier" pieces for my arrangement though. These were found in the christmas holiday section of my craft store. They were fun and glittery & acted as "focal points" to my otherwise black arangement.

And ta-dah!
 I have a nice halloween foral arrangement.
This project cost me about $13.
Instead of the crazy price they were asking at the craft store. I am going to revamp it a little more next year. Maybe add a spider or two, some purple.. But there you have it.
I wrapped some cute glittery fabric around the pumpkin & put in on the coffee table & called it a day! :)

Let me know if you have any questions!
I'm thinking of making one for Thanksgiving, possibly going for the rustic w/ vintage lace vibe.
 In any case, I'll let you know!

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. High Five for you! Love this idea! Brilliant pretty and cheaper!


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