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Doing things differently...

Inspired by A.steed's life's blog Dated Design Wall Art (pictured above), where she goes into a photoshop tutorial to get your numbers to the correct size to fit your frame..(Don't worry if you aren't into playing around with photoshop, she has a few versions available on zazzle. Just check out her links!)...   I set out to make our own version.

I debated whether or not I should put Sam's B-day before or after, consulted with the BFF Linda, and with her convincing, and calling it a "modern timeline" I went forward...
After all, we all do things differently...
Armed with a ruler, measured my frame, determined what size numbers I needed, and  used my cricut to cut out the numbers & a nice linen fabric for my background. My pink little hearts were paper punched from a paint chip.

I think it was good use of an empty large frame. I'm still a little weary about having my age out there, but eh... I'll get over it.



  1. Love how your version turned out! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I am so incredibly glad I found your blog and this picture! We are a blended family, therefore my stepdaughter's birthday obviously comes before our wedding date. . . and I debated what to do. So grateful I found this! :)



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