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garland fetish?!?!

Ever since my hubs FINALLY put up my huge mirror in the dining room, I've been obsessed with decorating it with whatever holiday season it happens to be.

Although I have plans for a few more garlands to hang about this holiday season, here is one I finished...

The garland of snowy evergreens & pine cones I bought at Michael's on sale for $6.99 (Regular price $12.99). I bought two so that it would be long enough to go across the mirror...

Then I bought a couple cheapy sprigs of berries (also on sale for 69¢).
With Anthony's help we dismantled them on a cold evening...

When I asked him to help me do this, there was no hesitation.

When pulling the berries apart, I had to be gentle & make sure we didn't rip the wire out from the berry. We only had one casualty which could easily be fixed with a lil bit of glue & popped back on, but Anthony wanted to play with it...so he kept it.

We then grouped them in couples & threesomes, and kept some singles & placed them randomly throughout the garland.

Yes, yes... I realize pine cones and berries don't grow together in nature, but you know what, they do in my fantasy world!

And here we go!

I used white on white wire LED lights in the back for that nice glow at night.

Happy Holiday Decorating!
Christmas is gonna barf all over the house this up coming week!


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