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Crazy Thrift Shopping...

I am fortunate enough to have children who like thrift store shopping with me. You never know what cheap treasures you'll find...A perfect relaxing day off for me is taking my time shuffling through the knickknack shelves. More recently though, I'm in search for fun colorful bed sheets (Project coming soon) & old cable knit sweaters (revamping into throw pillows)....
The kiddos and I had a crazy day of thrift store shopping just recently. This was prompted by Sam's spirit day at school "Crazy/ Ugly Holiday Sweater Day".
Although we didn't find anything aside from a $20 cardigan at a nearby Goodwill, we did find a couple laughs along the way.

Evil Demon Squirrel needlework

Is it a bear? Is it a moose? you tell me.

Sammie ended up buying a crazed snowflake turtle neck that she's wearing with a crazy green Christmas tie.
(pic coming soon)

We're gonna make her a sweater when the Christmas crazy dies down & the tacky appliques are on clearance.
I'll let you know how that goes..


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