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The Meow Store

I proudly announce the opening of my daughter's etsy shop!
Okay.. Okay... It's been open for awhile, but as you know I'm slow at blog entry updates.
She's currently working on her inventory of things, and will be adding more soon. Unlike what I did, I stocked up for my "GRAND OPENING". I'm so proud of her nonetheless. 
She's grown into such a wonderful and responsible young lady that how could I not allow her to broaden her talents.
She has been working on some cute Hello Kitty bow clips, and on graphics that represent her shop. She's great at photoshop. It blows my mind. 
Although I'm not one of those crazy moms where every time I open my mouth all I talk about is my child this, and my child that...Uh... There is more to me than just my children and my kiddos totally get that. This is a moment where I will boast proudly on my child's accomplishments. Thank you very much. 

Sam putting her bows on clips.

She even made her own display cards. Graphic & all. 
So come on by her shop & like it! She's an aspiring anime artist, whose goal is to have her own booth at Fanime (In San Jose) one day. 

Thanks for allowing me a moment to brag. Now back to the other stuff.


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