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End of the school year thank you treat...

It's hard to believe but the kiddos are all done with school already, and I think they had an amazing year of learning. Teachers can be so amazing at what they do and how they influence the children they have in their class.

Hopefully they like our lil gift of appreciation.

I needed something easy for the kids to carry around with them, pass them out to each of their teachers as they went from class to class, AND not worry about spillage. Then I saw a great suggestion on Pinterest. Clear party cups & cellophane wrap. I made it even easier on me, and found cellophane bags that the cups would fit in...

clear cups & cellophane baggies

I made pineapple cupcakes w/ vanilla pineapple buttercream frosting. Which I have to thank my BFF, Linda, for giving me a basic recipe during a state of panic. Panic? I had gone onto Martha Stewart website, and after reading the bad reviews of her recipes, had no idea what to do with myself.

I let them cool & popped them into the cups..

Then I frosted them...

I hope that I will be able to duplicate this recipe of frosting again.
If you look closely, you can see the little bits of pineapple in it.

This frosting came out amazing. I had to kind of wing it, at one point I was going to throw it all out, but I didn't give up, and the results were amazing!

Not done yet! I even caramelized some pineapple...

Surprisingly easy (for me at least)
Brown sugar, pineapple, stir till golden brown.. That's it!
Just a little dab..

Because I always like to know what I'm being offered, I made labels with my wonderful silhouette.... (My next tutorial will be how to do this. I'm hoping that I can convince other people to get the silhouette.)



Load silhouette & cut...
sprayed them w/ spray glue, popped them onto the bottom.

The kiddos helped get them into the bags..
made tags. design, print, cut... again

fabric ribbon.. It's just prettier..

Ready to go!

YAY! Let the summer fun begin!




  1. End day of the schooling is one of our memorial day in our life. I can see here are different kind of gift - mainly food item. This kind of gift are enjoyable for students.

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    1. This would definaetly be a great gift for student as well. Unfortunately, many school policies do not allow homemade treats & must be prepackaged & with that' they already come in easy to carry containers.


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