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Surprise Party Mission Complete!

Well, here I am almost a week since the big bash, and I feel like I'm still recovering. Needless to say, the months and months of planning was well worth it. My lil girl was surprised! She did not want to have a quinceaƱera (sweet 15 in Latin American culture) an occasion that marks the start of womanhood. So, what do we do? We plan a surprise party to mark the special occasion and finally get those friends of her over to the house. 
Which, by the way, ended up being a great bunch of kids! It was great watching them come in as suave and sophisticated serious teens  who sat down properly to running around like crazy all over the house by the end of the day. I totally love having a lot of kiddos in the house.  
The theme was rainbow mustaches. Just trust me, if you knew my kid, this is totally up her alley. She loves bright crazy colors, not just objects but on her self too! She's had red, orange and green hair so far this year, and is currently working on bright pink by the beginning of the summer. And..well.. mustaches? It's a fun thing of hers too. She has quite the collection of mustache shirts, always adding new mustache items to her favorites on etsy. If you follow my blog she even used it for her vice president student government campaign giveaway... CLICK HERE TO SEE THAT ENTRY

 A few months of "working at work" during weekends, and hiding things here and there.
We managed to pull of our big surprise.
Here are just a few pics of the fun.... I'm hoping to make a few tutorials that will reflect back on this fun event, but for now here are pictures. 
If you want to see all the pics go to my flickr set

Invitations were handmade scratchers.

Lisa from Visions of Sugar designed this character just for Sam's special day. 

Closer look at the scratchers

Goody bags
Goody Bags included a menagerie of rainbow items. Full pack of skittles, pack of furry mustaches, a rainbow sparkle notebook, rainbow pencil, and changeable color pencil, rainbow crayon, a nose sharpener, "chinese" paper yoyo, and Sam's very own designed character from a Visions of Sugar's artist Lisa Pheonix.

I made the rainbow mustache wreath too. Why not right? 

Rice crispie cake batter recipe 
which I found here

Mini individual pinatas for everyone along with many handmade decorations 

Random gifts were given to guest who for example: had a clip in their hair, knew Sam's favorite color,  first to touch their nose w/ their tongue.  Prizes were items like a ceramic doggy bank, a shower cap, reusable grocery bags, giant gummy bears. 

The sign for the ice cream bar

Eco friendly utensils stamped with various phrases.
 "all you need is love,  Happy Birthday, Look out stomach, I <3 Ice cream.." 
Table set up had rainbow jello, rainbow popcorn, colorful 7 layer dip in individual cups, lots of candy, and an area to decorate your own popcorn box. 

I did a test run a couple weeks back just to make sure I knew what I was doing.
They came out great this time around too! 

My BFF Linda made the mustache birthday cake. 

Linda & Billy also provided the fun photobooth for the night! Everyone loved that! Even grandma got in on the fun. 

Apparently, Ginger was a prop in many of the photos guest took. 

Surprise! It's a rainbow inside! 

The kiddos threw confetti and popped party poppers everywhere! 
Ms Ginger rooting around for anything she can find.

Giant mustache on my  paper mache rainbow lanterns
All over the house

When the party was over even the couch was sad. 

At the end of the night,  we left the mess of confetti for the next day, and she played 20 questions (followed up by  a bazillion more questions) It was cute watching her realize, I wasn't really working all those weekends. 

We made a keepsake for her room. With confetti & streamers included. 

There was so much candy at the party, guests (ADULTS!) told me that they felt like they had a hangover the next day. Apparently their kiddos had more self control! Grandma complained about there being too much sweets, and the school friends followed up with how they passed out when they got home. Needless to say, I think we accomplished the ultimate kiddo party with cake, ice cream, candy, pizza, and crazy fun... What's next? Let's not go there just yet... 

The hubby suggested we keep the deco up til her actual birthday.
We had no arguments there. The house looks so fun right now! YAY! 



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