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List! Do! Done!

Aside from my own personal use, I’ve been adding a lot more things into the etsy shop.
It’s fun, but I’m taking advantage of the time I have before it comes few and far between.
I feel the need to list things. It makes me feel like listing things out make me obligated to complete these things.
I love making lists actually. I have a “want list” which I list everything I want to purchase (latest purchase was a glass bowl for my kitchenaid mixer. It’s so purdy!!!), a  daily to-do list, a “complete when you can To-Do list” and of course my crafty ideas & my “crafty to-do” lists. And still I find myself saying, “I’m bored! There’s nothing to do!!!” Silly me.
Lists, in my eyes, are fantastically awesome. They are useful.. You can’t convince me otherwise. When things need to get done.. List, do, & check off.. Simple & to the point.
So I will share this current Crafty To Do lists with you…
Crafty To Do list for home:
·         Make 2 more accent pillows for couch
·         Make cement garden stones with the family
·         Start on guest bathroom word signs “sun, shells, sand” or “sun, sea, sand” <
·         Finish Anthony’s comic book letters for shelf display
·         Get shelves from ikea for Anthony’s room
·         Finish subway art for kiddos’ floor
·         Finish last two garden markers
·         Heart string wall décor

Crafty To Do list for the etsy shop/ girly spazms :

·         Finish cutting, assembling, and packaging misc. cupcake toppers (3 designs in the queue)
·         Finish designing new kraft labels when the labels come in
·         Explore possibility of new business card designs
·         Finish sriracha dog & cat plush toys and  make a few more. (about 10- 15 total)
·         Make bento box napkin/lunchbox
·         Add Sriracha apron & hoodie to the shop
·         Finish Ginger’s note cards
·         Work on a gocco print design ( starfish print & possible sushi design)

And that about sums it up for the next couple of weeks… Will I get it all done?
We shall see…
You know what I need.. A house with a pool… That way I can sit in the pool  & hang over the side and craft…
Yup, I’m convinced that’s what I need. Especially during the nice summer days. 


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