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Being bug friendly....

A few months ago our hippie & earth child (I say this jokingly, of course) Sam was over at her BFFs house. She noticed a bag of water with pennies, and asked them what it was for. They explained to her that it was to keep the flies away & she came home to share. We looked up a few sites online just to check out the theory...



What you need:
  • plastic bag, we used a zip lock
  • pennies (four per bag was the recipe)
  • water (tap is fine)
  • thumb tack, twine, tape ( to hang up the bag)

Being the long Memorial Weekend, we had the opportunity to finally try it out.

So the theory behind this method is that the reflection the water gives off confuses the flies because their "compound eyes".  They will then avoid the area.
I'm sure a few of the neighbors might have been confused too. Especially with a bag right above the entry way... Not exactly welcoming...

Anyways, this method is great if you are trying to stay earth friendly. It's kid-safe & pet safe.

Try it out. It works! We haven't had any flies in the house all day. 
My Sammie is such a smart cookie!  She just turned 13 & although you can't see it her shirt says, "Love our Earth"

Sam with "Beatles" cupcakes made by our wonderful family friend, Linda @ Baking Foodie. 

Hope all of you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Remember to take the time to honor the men & women who have passed serving our country. 


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