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Keeping me occupied....

I have a severe issue with being bored, hence my erratic crafting, and hobbies. Although, I have tried not to, I shamefully admit that I succumb to the urge of poking at the hubby & pouting (at times, yanking on his arm) and saying “I’m bored! Entertain me!”

My latest “bright idea” is designing my craft room…
And so, with a new notebook tucked into my “craft bag” I take to work, I am now searching and sketching up some designs for my little craft room. Which is in horrible disarray & in dire need of  major major organization. Aside from my "throw it in this container" philosophy...   I’ve found some really great ideas, and as I do, I print the pics out & glue them into my notebook…
If all goes well, I’m hoping to have my craft room done by the end of the summer…

Did I ever tell you I’ve had a strong infatuation with Owls since I was 4? I shall tell you the story some day.  But here are my cute little owl notebooks. The larger is where I am putting all my craft room inspirations in. (You’ll see the pictures below.) The smaller is a bit thick & I’m using as a “fabric” journal… I’ll post pictures of that at a later time. 

It has been over 20 years since I’ve done any needlework. I definitely need some practice, but I thought I would try out my logo. I plan on putting it up in a loop as d├ęcor in my craft room. 

Just a few things I want to incorporate into my craft room. 

Aside from my Crafty Room day dream.  Here are other craft projects I’m currently working on…
1.      Knitting a recycled t-shirt rug.  

 Making a patchwork similar to the above image. 

2.      Continuing to make vinyl covered sandwhich wraps.

3.   Searching for  new fabric & planning to make my new ironing board cover. She needs a makeover badly. 

4. Gathering material to use the seashell hangings I plan to make. I got a "craft drill" over Mother's Day, and I can't wait to use it! 

Great Items, and an Etsy shop too! 

Anyways, here is a song by OK GO.... I think I've played this a ba-zillion times already. 
Hope you are all having a great day.
The sun is shining again & its beautiful out.


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