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Bubbly goodness.

A crafty friend of mine, Nicki from Hey There Cupcake put together this awesome necklace. Nicki is this wonderful cupcake designer, you can check out her awesomeness on
her flickr account nickisalbum.
She twitpic about it a couple months ago, when she made one for herself, and I knew I HAD to have one too.
Totally cute, custom made length. I'm wearing it today. I love it. I'm not normally a jewelry wearing kinda girl, unless its durable & can withstand my clumsy/ boyish behavior, but this is one of those... HAD TO HAVEs

w/o getting into any technicalities, the iphone4's front facing camera is really grainy. Plus it was at night, as I lay bored out of my mind on the couch. I actually was taking a break from some bead making.
I love my bubble necklace! yeee! It's so fun!

Back in my college days, I use to carry a bubble gun in my car. At red lights, I would turn it on, and there would be a steady stream of bubbles coming out of my driver side window. I stopped doing it when a car accident between two other cars occurred. LONG LIVE THE BUBBLES!!!!!


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