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My first serger project!

So I never really thought about what my first project would be when I finally got my serger, but thanks to etsy, I got an idea right away. I found an "iron cover" as mention in the previous post My Vintage Serger Overlock and thought, " psssshh, that shouldn't be too hard."
So I did it.
I didn't bother looking for a pattern online, I just winged it & you know it wasn't too bad. I could definitely recreate this. I'll be putting this one up on the etsy shop as a customizable order. 

When I was little (3-4 y.old, don't ask me why I remember these things, I just do.), I remember many nights where my mom and I were home, while my dad worked late.
My mom ironed (all the time) & while she ironed I watched t.v..  I always thought that the iron itself looked like  a ship & at times when my mom wasn't looking, I would play with it. Not plugged in, of course! Everyone rode on the "ironing ship", Barbie, Rainbow Brite, and her sprites... even smurfette!
Anyways, I thought the pirate ship pattern was an excellent choice for this project. I used two layers of insul-bright which is the brand name for insulated thermal batting, and an inside fabric, and tahdah! Done!

I also love this pattern because it has the aqua/ teal in it.

cozy or Kozzie? does anyone really care?


Had to add my label.



  1. It looks really cool! I can't believe you just "winged it" - nicely done!


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