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Another Upcycle Project...

The first step is to admit that I have a problem.. Well,I am an addict. I'm addicted to fabric! I love fabric. I can stay at the fabric store for hours and hours. Touching, feeling, and looking and looking with no particular project in mind. I could easily blow all my money at one time. I've gotten better though. I've learned to take pictures with my phone and walk away.  Don't believe me...
Here's proof... I really do stand in the fabric store and snap away, at times I get weird looks from the ladies there, but you know what... bleh! I don't care! This makes me happy.

However, before I learned this money saving habit, I still accumulated quite a stash of cute prints... What did I decide to do with it??? Well I had these old beat up  magazine holders hanging around. Never had the heart to throw them away. I don't know why they were cheap as all heck at IKEA but they stayed around for a while. It's possible, now that I think of it, I had them back at our old condo too. Sheesh!

Anyways, here they are before...


And with some spray on adhesive, and some of my favorite fabric prints. Careful wrapping & cutting. And.... 

Cute right?

 Now in my Art studio?.....

See my mushroom ironing board? I have a matching magazine box :D

So I thought this is a great way for any fabric obsession to show off some of the stash.
To give them a finished look put felt pieces at the bottom.  

Would you buy these if I sold these on etsy? 

I hope that the photo taking of fabric tip helps you too. Keep the pic files in their own folder, and you can always refer back to them when you find a project to do.
Happy Crafting! 


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  1. these are so clever and i would definately do this! maybe with different fabrics as these dont really fit my taste but i would honestly do this in the next hour f i could


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