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Weapon of choice..Staple gun!

So although it wasn't the downpour I was hoping for (down in the south bay at least,) I decided to finally tackle a project I've been preparing for a couple weeks now.  It took me a couple weeks only because I was a tad hesitant on how to go about it. 
Well armed with a staple gun, I went for it. 
Reupholstering the old office chair in the art studio to be more...uh..... FUN!  

#1, 5, 6 Before pics
#2 are the tools needed 
  • heavy fabric (my specific project took 1 1/2 yards, but I bought more because I'm making matching throw pillows at a later time)
  • hammer
  • screw driver or drill to disassemble chair 
  • a small & medium wood chisels
  • heavy duty staple gun & staples
  • fabric scissors
  • A tube of strongstik DAP glue.
#3, 4 & 9 are pics of disassembling the chair. In my case,I took the back off the chair, and unscrewed the bottom (seat part) off the part that has all the adjustment levers. Then I took the arms off the chair. Taking all these pieces apart is well worth it, your fabric will fit around the sections nicely, and neatly. Lastly, using the chisels I used them to pry the backing off the back of the chair. 

#11 & 12 are the seat of the chair. I took off the staples from the bottom liner & since it was in good condition I reused it (if you need to replace yours you should. Although you will rarely see this area, it just gives it a nice finished look). I then stapled the fabric around  (#10) then put the liner back on & stapled that in place to cover the first round of staples. 
Here's a closer look:

first row of staples
turn your work over as you make your way around & smooth out the wrinkles.

With Liner, put a nicer neater row of staples to finish it off. (#8)

# 7, 14, 15 & 17 are all pictures of stapling the fabric into place.

#15 also shows the straight nails that get hammered back into the other back piece. However, I found this part really tricky & ended up using the StrongStik DAP glue which worked out great! If it doesn't work out for your chair use upholstery nails. 

#13 &16 show the finished pieces of the back of the chair together & completed.

#18, 19 & 20 are pics of the finished project. 

Here are some photos of it in natural sunlight...
baby got back!

This took me from around 11:30 to 3 in the afternoon including assembling.  Overall, I'm pretty happy how it turned out. 

More pics later, as I press forward to get the art studio finished & decorated. 

Let me know if you need some clarification, I know this isn't exactly the best explanation.  I was in a hurry to crank out this entry before the end of the night.

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