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Swirly wall goes bye bye!

So remember the blog from way back... Where I painted my wall with this crazy swirly swirl... I even made a how-to video of it... 

Well, I got tired of looking at it! You don't even understand, it made me feel like the house was chaotic. So I HAD to changed it. Thank goodness.

It was one of my TO-DO's for the summer, and it was completed.
I'm still working on what I want displayed but over-all I'm relieved that I don't have to look at that swirl on my wall anymore.

The swirly madness.

The dining room is almost done, I'm still trying to find the perfect mirror to go opposite this wall, and a nice "buffet" table to go right under it, but with the purchase of my awesome dining table, the swirl just wasn't cutting it anymore.

I had to cover up the swirls first in case a 2nd or 3rd coat was needed.
Lowe's Valspar Eggshell finish in Tawny. Totally perfect.
First Shelf with two tikis  hand-carved from Hawaii.
2nd shelf. The boys putting it up.
3rd & DONE!
I've always wanted to use these IKEA wall ledges.

Really inexpensive, RIBBA picture ledges. 
Taken tonight as I finished up this entry.

I  can display some of my most coveted shells & souvenirs from the beach & beach-side trips. 
But! This just reminds me that I really need to get in gear and put some pictures up. Most of the picture frames I have in the house are blank!


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  1. Much more calm and interesting! Great redo. And thanks for your very kind comments on my blog! Cheers,


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