Hi there! Welcome to my GIRLY SPAZMS. I am most productive when I'm about to lose it. Easily distracted and daydreaming, I fight my way through the day just so I have moments like these. Please visit often as I am updating and adding new things when time allows . Feel free to drop me a line. Say hi, leave comments, suggestions, feedback & your experiences . Thanks for visiting my crafty blog & be sure to check out my etsy shop too.


chalkboard art..

This chalkboard usually is decorated for someone's birthday, holiday, or important reminder.
Its in the stairwell going from the garage up to the kitchen floor. In other words, its hard to miss it because we constantly come in & out through our garage which is on the ground floor.
Anyways, this was done with chalkboard markers. I found them at Daiso, the Japanese "Dollar store".


My first crafty blog! Finally...

I'm finally getting to blog for the crafty part of me. I recently relocated my crafty area to my downstairs kitchen desk area. I was tired of finally sitting down to open markers, and missing supplies, so I figured that the ideal spot is to be in the kitchen (main floor) where I can see everything. Now, I'm seeing that my desk is not big enough and things have already started to accumulate on the floor. I think I'll have to get more storage and work space eventually, but overall this was a good move, its right in the kitchen, and I will need to use the sink when I start with the silk screening.
So here are a few pictures of what I have set up. It's off to a slow start because of the summer. It seems that every weekend has something planned. Festivals, concerts, trips up to the city, but that's what the summer is for, and the friends have more free time as well...
Most likely by Fall, I'll have a steady project list going, and finally get some stuff up on etsy.
Phew! I'll end this blog for now. I feel accomplished...



desk 3

My signature bottlecap magnetboard. I make them on my spare time.

my cricut

My cricut was in the box for over year... I'm finally using it!

view from my desk into kitchen

The desk is in the kitchen. It'll be useful when I get my silk screening machine. The sink is steps away.

desk 8

mess even on the floor

My sewing machine is on the floor. I need more shelves, and storage space already!