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Ruffled suspenders oh my!

I'll update this tonight with a picture of me wearing them, but I've had this entry as a draft for way too long, and I'm way overdue for a new blog entry so here it goes. 
Thanks iheartjennysart for the inspiration. I love this! 

Like many fellow crafters, I (too) have a long “TO DO” list. It seems like for every one project I get done, 10 more are added on a continuous basis.  I can blame my pinterest addiction a little bit for that too. But it is nice to have a reason to get some of those things crossed off the list.
One of my to-dos was this awesome ruffled suspender project from http://iheartjennysart.com/2010/12/ruffle-suspenders/. It was featured on craft.com a while back, and I thought it was so cute, that I had to add this to my list.
Well, just last month, at work, we had a grand opening of our new building. This was the one where we had to look presentable to the other parts of the community, board members, etc., etc… There was a dress code: black pants with a nice white shirt, and well, the suspenders instantly came to mind.

So here are some pictures... 

 I have to admit I was pretty intimidated at first. I have never made ruffles before. I have a “ruffle foot” for my sewing machine, and I play with it every now & then when I’m feel adventurous, but I’ve never made ruffles with elastic before. It turned out pretty well.

So basically you do small sections at a time. Stretch out the elastic until it stops stretching, then sew the ribbon over it. When you’re done with that “stretched out” section, you can let go, and move on to the next section. Pretty simple.. But pretty intimidating. If you haven’t done it before. You should practice on  something you don’t mind ruining. Satin ribbon, in my own opinion, is very unforgiving, and even after you take your mistakes out and try again, you may see the “track” of the previous mistake.. Something, my OCDness cannot handle. 
Here is the finish project.  
I kept my ipad close by, because I had to keep referring back to the tutorial.  One of the reasons I wanted the ipad in the first place, for ease of watching videos for cooking & crafting.  

So I wore this to our Grand Opening, and got lots of compliments. I’d love another excuse to wear them again. I haven’t found on yet.

Thanks for looking! Let me know if you need any help with this or if you'd like to commission me for your own pair!