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Pee pee teepees!

I'm so making these for the baby!!! Pictures to follow...



The holidays are coming... gift time!

The holidays are here and there are many crafty fairs in store.

Here is the first etsy crafty ho down blog, 


and here is the site...


I'm hoping linda will come and check it out with me...

It's on a Thursday, and at that point I'll be done with school, so it might be nice to go...

We shall see... 


Bazaar Bizarre!!!...its coming!!

An event I've been to before, and can't wait to go again.
Lots of fun, and interesting things to see...
I always find craft fairs helpful when I'm looking for ideas...

For more info visit their blog: http://www.bazaarbizarre.org/sfblog/

Baz Biz SF 09 Banner

Mark your calendar because we've got an awesome show for you! The 2009 Bazaar Bizarre San Francisco is a TWO DAY Handmade market, Indie entertainment extravaganza and D.I.Y. Festival all under one roof!

Bazaar Bizarre San Francisco will feature over 120 carefully juried artists and designers. You'll find the crème de la crème of indie goods: art, pottery, letterpress, silk-screened t-shirts, baby clothes, body products and more! Handmade food will also be for sale in the form of luscious cupcakes and udon soup with sushi rolls.

Groove all weekend with our crafty DJs including the genius of Slide and Spin Studios. Swing by the Maker Shed and Craft Magazine booth to create D.I.Y. projects for FREE! Capture the moment by posing in the Magnolia Photo Booth, FREE to all customers! Pick up some FREE swag from the Yelp and Kaboodle booths, enter product raffles from Chronicle Books and Craft Magazine. Attend Book Signings and Crafty Workshops with indie superstars such as Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching.

Jump into the D.I.Y. spirit! For $5 and a bag of clothes you can enter the WORLD FAMOUS clothing swap and workshop Swap-O-Rama-Rama. Swap-O-Rama-Rama's D.I.Y. experts will help you cut, sew, print and personalize your up-cycled fashion finds!

50% of this years door fees will be donated to the Out of Site Center For Arts Education and Keep Turning Heads. Out of Site offers SF students free programs in visual and performing arts. Turning Heads provides vocational arts instruction, entrepreneurship, and leadership training for high-risk youth in San Francisco.

Saturday December 12th 2009 12:00 PM - 6:00PM
Sunday December 13th 2009 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
San Francisco County Fair Building Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
$2.00 Per Adult ~ 12 & Under FREE
50% of Admission Fees Go To Charity

So you're in right? Show us some love and RSVP on....
Yelp Facebook

We're looking for a few good volunteers to help us with our winter extravaganza! Be a part of our creative community by offering just a couple of hours of your day in support of the Baz Biz vendors and organizers. It's great opportunity for anyone interested in learning about this indie craft community. Please contact bazaarbizarresfpress@gmail.com if you're interested in helping us out.


The sriracha project

This was my first yudu project, and it was a lot of fun. Putting the art together was a tad bit annoying, but I wanted it to be as accurate as possible, so I took a picture, and played around with it in picasa and paint for a little bit. Some of the characters were not clear so I had to go online, and try to get a better image.
When I finally got it all together, I caught my misspelling, and had to go back and edit it again.
It took me a little more than two hours. I left out some things from the bottle, but I think when I make a new image (larger), I will add a couple of the features.

The project didn't go flawless, I screwed up an emulsion sheet (the photo film), and had to use another. I got excited and forgot to take of the plastic sheet backing, burnt the image on, and well...I couldn't peel it off after. You need to be able to remove it or the ink won't go onto the object you are trying to print.

When I first got the yudu, I was, of course, trying to get everything for the yudu, a lot of "yudu" brand things are pricey (even on ebay) and you don't get a lot of it. Then I started finding little "cheats" here and there, and well...I ended up getting speedball (brand) ink at University Art . I have one right down the street! I love that place. I also bought the emulsion remover too.
Anyways, despite the disclaimer from the yudu company, you can TOTALLY use speedball ink. Acutally, I recommend it. The quality is so much better.

So anyways, where did I go wrong? Well, through my excitement, I didn't let the screen dry completely and some of my images spread on the shirt. Its not as noticeable, but if you know me, I NOTICED!!!

The story behind the project
My brother-in-law, Robert (AKA DJ Otrebor) loves sriracha. He's even a "fan" of it on facebook. Well, he's about to turn 30, and I thought this would be a nice gift for him. I hope he likes it. I'm hoping that I can get a good shot of him wearing it when he's spinning.
If I do, I'll put it up for sure.

Thanks for looking, let me know if you have any questions. :)


Mixer cozy...

I found a pattern online for a cozy for my kitchenaid mixer, so I decided to make one just for fun! I found a cheap scrap of upholstery fabric.

Then, I made one for my bestfriend Linda for her bday. BUT I made it reversible!


The how-to on the wall art...

A little bit of crafty home decor...

I was going completely nuts trying to figure out what color to paint the dining room wall, and after having swatch after swatch taped on the wall and hanging there for days, I finally decided. I was gonna go for something different...
I thought it would be the perfect thing to add a little splash of my favorite color instead of the whole wall...

So here it is...



And then a lil extra...


It's a little blurry. Took it with the iphone.



Slow & Steady....Wins the race!

Slow & Steady…..wins the race!?

I’m back in school until November, so the production has come to a crawl… I did manage to make some labels with my logo tonight, so I decided to celebrate the occasion by blogging!

I have been making things here and there, but they haven’t been for sale. I’ve been giving them away as gifts. I should also mention that I have finally sold the old iphone as unlocked. The first auction on ebay was a fail, the buyer totally flaked, and we had to dispute it with ebay, but the second time around was a go! The buyer did a “buy it now”, and well…. My yudu is going to be in my home soon. I can’t wait!

I was thinking of broadcasting the first time use, but I’m thinking I need to concentrate. As easy as the videos all make it seem, I probably should pay attention, and having the chat on will just distract me. I can’t wait to get my silkscreen projects started.

Anyways, I’m ending for now.


chalkboard art..

This chalkboard usually is decorated for someone's birthday, holiday, or important reminder.
Its in the stairwell going from the garage up to the kitchen floor. In other words, its hard to miss it because we constantly come in & out through our garage which is on the ground floor.
Anyways, this was done with chalkboard markers. I found them at Daiso, the Japanese "Dollar store".


My first crafty blog! Finally...

I'm finally getting to blog for the crafty part of me. I recently relocated my crafty area to my downstairs kitchen desk area. I was tired of finally sitting down to open markers, and missing supplies, so I figured that the ideal spot is to be in the kitchen (main floor) where I can see everything. Now, I'm seeing that my desk is not big enough and things have already started to accumulate on the floor. I think I'll have to get more storage and work space eventually, but overall this was a good move, its right in the kitchen, and I will need to use the sink when I start with the silk screening.
So here are a few pictures of what I have set up. It's off to a slow start because of the summer. It seems that every weekend has something planned. Festivals, concerts, trips up to the city, but that's what the summer is for, and the friends have more free time as well...
Most likely by Fall, I'll have a steady project list going, and finally get some stuff up on etsy.
Phew! I'll end this blog for now. I feel accomplished...



desk 3

My signature bottlecap magnetboard. I make them on my spare time.

my cricut

My cricut was in the box for over year... I'm finally using it!

view from my desk into kitchen

The desk is in the kitchen. It'll be useful when I get my silk screening machine. The sink is steps away.

desk 8

mess even on the floor

My sewing machine is on the floor. I need more shelves, and storage space already!