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Kimchi Salad Recipe

 Did you know that there are health benefits to kimchi? Well there are! A little bit of a microbiology lesson today? Kimchi has probiotics that help your own body’s  little microorganisms to digest. Don’t believe me, then go google it for more info.  Kimchi! It's good stuff! 

Aside from crafting up a storm, I also love to cook... Call me crazy but when I cook, I like to pretend I have my very own cooking show, and I narrate what I am doing in my head. I should take that back... I do have my own cooking show, with an audience of one. 

So I know a few of you have asked for my kimchi salad recipe back in December, and I’ve finally put it together.
I’m sorry it took so long. It’s pretty simple, so I hope that you try it. Let me know how yours turns out & if you’ve tweaked your salad to your taste, share what you’ve done.

I have no specific measurements, because I don’t stand there and measure the portions. Like most of my cooking endeavors, I kind of eye-ball it to see how much I will need depending on how many people are eating & season to taste.
So you can use this combo to make a one person salad or a 20 person salad if you so choose.

What you’ll need:


You can get fancy with your chicken, or you can even switch it to pork if you’d like. I don’t really recommend beef unless maybe it was medium rare. Teriyaki chicken is my favorite.  I prefer my chicken in my salad cold, but you can do what ever you like.
This is completely to your taste and liking. If you like more of something, by all means, put more of it.If you’re lazy, you can even get a ready-to-go rotisserie chicken from the market.

Shred the chicken
Then shred some cabbage & make a bed of it on your serving plate.
Then place the following ingredients on top.

KIMCHI (Your brand)
PICKLED BAMBOO SHOOTS (your brand)  (drained unless you like all that oil in there. I’m not judging)
Then as dressing a big dollop of KEWPIE MAYO (Japanese mayonnaise)
SRIRACHA to taste.


Now present your salad when it’s in a cute organized plate, and when everyone has sat down you mix, toss & serve.

That’s it! See I told you it was pretty simple. ;D