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Simple. Quick. How to. Stamp on washi!!!

This was actually done in less than five minutes before I headed to the gym for my morning workout.

Typing this out is probably taking a lot more effort, but the results were so awesome I had to share...

Things you'll need:

  • Your washi tape
  • Acetate better known as transparency sheets (great deals on eBay btw)
  • Your stamp
  • Your ink
The set up
  1. Lay out your tape strips either vertical or horizontal, whatever you prefer on your transparency. (I tried reg paper but it tore up the paper pretty good)
  2. Ink your stamp
  3. Press firmly but not too much or you'll smear your design.
  4. Hold down sheet of transparency as you lift stamp directly up & off.
  5. Let ink dry
  6. When dry move strips of washi to clean transparency.
Silver spiderwebs on plain back washi

Sit back. Admire & use...






Cardboard letter adventures...

I'm back to revamping my craft room again.
With the never ending addition of new supplies, there's a constant need for storage space too. I'm preparing to take on my first sanding & repainting of this awesome piece of antique furniture I came across at a garage sale over the summer. It's totally cute & adorable. Just the prefect thing I've been looking for. I need to go to Restoration Hardware to get new pieces for it, and I also need to get some power tools so that I can do this job right the first time.
I've read a ton of "how to"-s on-line, and as much as I think I'm ready, I'm nervous as all hell.
So in the meantime while I muster up the courage to finally take on this project, I continue to organize, and decorate around the idea of having this finished piece one day in place. 

I wanted something crafty as wall decor... So..after much deliberation, and a few inspiration from facebook friends & pinterest pins.

This idea was born. At first, I was going to buy the 8 inch letters from Hobby Lobby. Which by the way, finally opened up locally in Morgan Hill, (http://www.yelp.com/biz/hobby-lobby-morgan-hill)  that turned out to be a fun adventure of strong margaritas and craft shopping. 
Instead, I decided to tackle it on, and make my own... 
I had a few too many post office boxes laying around the house due to a post office glitch that sent me a huge pile of supplies.

Tony opened the door & saw this staring back at him. Oops! 
So first things first, my trusty silhouette did the easy part & by Sunday morning at 6am, my letters were cut... 

Laid it across my kitchen floor.

Ginger: Didn't mind me, just passing through.
Me: GINGER! Move it! 

Maylin: Oh mom's doing something, let me get in the way.
Me: You too? Ugh. 
Maylin: So, mom... I was thinking... Oh, you're busy.

Maylin: Oh, there's something here... 

Maylin: Move?..but.. I have to rest.. 

Here's a C! 
All I did was trace my letters on to cardboard. (twice)
Cut them out.
Cut 2 Inch strips & taped them together to make them 3D.

Finished the first... Now he's waiting for his friends to join...
I'm still planning a couple more steps before they are officially done. 
There is still the decoupage with newspaper step. 
Then spray painting with white.
Then I'm going to cover them in my beautiful washi tapes.
I'm totally crossing my fingers & hoping that this turns out the way I am envisioning in my head. 

I'm hoping to have this done & up by mid-October.
Do you think I can do it? 
I'll update soon...