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My first serger project!

So I never really thought about what my first project would be when I finally got my serger, but thanks to etsy, I got an idea right away. I found an "iron cover" as mention in the previous post My Vintage Serger Overlock and thought, " psssshh, that shouldn't be too hard."
So I did it.
I didn't bother looking for a pattern online, I just winged it & you know it wasn't too bad. I could definitely recreate this. I'll be putting this one up on the etsy shop as a customizable order. 

When I was little (3-4 y.old, don't ask me why I remember these things, I just do.), I remember many nights where my mom and I were home, while my dad worked late.
My mom ironed (all the time) & while she ironed I watched t.v..  I always thought that the iron itself looked like  a ship & at times when my mom wasn't looking, I would play with it. Not plugged in, of course! Everyone rode on the "ironing ship", Barbie, Rainbow Brite, and her sprites... even smurfette!
Anyways, I thought the pirate ship pattern was an excellent choice for this project. I used two layers of insul-bright which is the brand name for insulated thermal batting, and an inside fabric, and tahdah! Done!

I also love this pattern because it has the aqua/ teal in it.

cozy or Kozzie? does anyone really care?


Had to add my label.



My Vintage Serger/ Overlock..

Whatever you want to call it, it's mine!!!
Finally, after months and months of debate, and even contemplating the idea of getting a very high end serger. I finally have one to call my own.

Those cute sweet little old ladies in those sewing shops try to sucker you in, and get the machine there, make you think you are totally incapable of threading this on your own, saying "with just a puff of air, your machine is threaded." Shoot! I was ready to sign my $ away & get one. I was strong, I resisted, even with a migraine and frustration of searching and searching, reading review after review thinking this torture would never end. I finally have one. 
I can even recall burying my face into a pillow a couple times and screaming.   

After yet, another frustrating weekend of looking, visiting shops, and searching endlessly online during Labor Day weekend, Monday night (Labor Day) on ebay, a buy it now, I fell in love. Seriously, I'm so happy. Priced well below my budget, I love her! She's a sergemate Campanion 5040 made several years ago, by a company associated with babylock (don't take my word for it, I found that info on a forum online). FedEx took longer than I thought, but its here!!!! It came with the manual. I threaded it, which I will admit can be a little confusing since I consider myself a beginner, but when everything was finally in place, it ran well, and I can't wait to make something with it. 

I just ran scraps through it. I even had the kiddos try it out, and they were pretty impressed.  Everything seems to be running smoothly, and the ebay seller said it was barely used, so I totally scored with this one. Best of all my hubby bought it for me, and got me a serger book that I really wanted. I was just chatting with him about it, and showed him through IM & BAM! I got the email confirming it was ordered and on its way. 
I'm totally a lucky girl!
I think the best thing is that while I was really panicking about the cost of spools of thread, because this was such a great deal, the money we would have spent to buy a low-end machine can now be used guiltless-ly  on my thread supply. 

Isn't she cute! Pink!!!!

 Girly moment... I've never really been a "pink" kinda girl, but she's cute, right!? :D

I think for my first project, I'm going to make myself an iron cover. Like this... 

I'll update when I'm done. Hope you all are having a nice day! Happy Hump Day! We're almost there. Oh! And the Santa Clara Arts & Wine Festival is this weekend too! I'm volunteering! yay!!! Life is good..... :) <3



Bubbly goodness.

A crafty friend of mine, Nicki from Hey There Cupcake put together this awesome necklace. Nicki is this wonderful cupcake designer, you can check out her awesomeness on
her flickr account nickisalbum.
She twitpic about it a couple months ago, when she made one for herself, and I knew I HAD to have one too.
Totally cute, custom made length. I'm wearing it today. I love it. I'm not normally a jewelry wearing kinda girl, unless its durable & can withstand my clumsy/ boyish behavior, but this is one of those... HAD TO HAVEs

w/o getting into any technicalities, the iphone4's front facing camera is really grainy. Plus it was at night, as I lay bored out of my mind on the couch. I actually was taking a break from some bead making.
I love my bubble necklace! yeee! It's so fun!

Back in my college days, I use to carry a bubble gun in my car. At red lights, I would turn it on, and there would be a steady stream of bubbles coming out of my driver side window. I stopped doing it when a car accident between two other cars occurred. LONG LIVE THE BUBBLES!!!!!



A crafty summer...

So I haven't been really updating this summer. It's been crazy, so I'm hoping to bring you up to date on what I've been up to. 
My revamped beach sign
My new Ironing Board Cover (IBC)
Shell w/glass beads wind chime
cocktail umbrella gardland deco for my dad's 60 bday luau
multi-color streamers for the luau too.
knitted seat for my bike

my japanese alcohol apron
Sam's ipod touch kozy
I made Linder's a pocky one but for some reason can't upload the pic from FB
Linder's pocky cover

a fun & easy tissue cover (beach style)
a revamp of my iphone holder for my bike

Yup, that's it. That's all I can show you for now. All the other stuff has been items I'm working on for my girly spazms etsy shop, which is due to open in a couple weeks. It's been slightly delayed because as I prepared items to sew one late night, and cut out all the patterns. I sat down at my sewing machine ready to go, and then bleh! Nothing. I fiddled with it forever, and finally decided it was actually time to take it in for that long put off servicing. Keep in mind, my machine is over 10 years old, and I only started really using it the passed 2-3 years.  Yeah.. yeah.. I asked for it.
So as it sits in the  repair shop, I've been looking seriously into getting a serger. I mean, I've looked into it before, and had an idea of what I've wanted but the passed week, and Labor Day weekend I've been hunting one down to a point where I had a migraine, and was completely fed up with looking for one. 
I flip-flopped on getting a decent "starter" serger/overlock VS getting a higher end version.
And finally, as I looked on ebay, I came across one that I think will be just fine. 
I'll blog again when I get it, and have it set up. I may even broadcast in my craft studio, something that I've been meaning to do, but haven't gotten around to doing.

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend... As for me, it wasn't as eventful as I had hoped. I basically worked all weekend. Housework, or worked on crafting projects. 
So my Labor weekend, was full of Labor. Go fig! 
Now, it's time to get into the full swing of the school year, and work mode. Bye-gye summer. Oh how I'll miss you. Til next year...

 Goodnight for now!