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Doing things differently...

Inspired by A.steed's life's blog Dated Design Wall Art (pictured above), where she goes into a photoshop tutorial to get your numbers to the correct size to fit your frame..(Don't worry if you aren't into playing around with photoshop, she has a few versions available on zazzle. Just check out her links!)...   I set out to make our own version.

I debated whether or not I should put Sam's B-day before or after, consulted with the BFF Linda, and with her convincing, and calling it a "modern timeline" I went forward...
After all, we all do things differently...
Armed with a ruler, measured my frame, determined what size numbers I needed, and  used my cricut to cut out the numbers & a nice linen fabric for my background. My pink little hearts were paper punched from a paint chip.

I think it was good use of an empty large frame. I'm still a little weary about having my age out there, but eh... I'll get over it.



Quick Halloween floral arrangement tutorial!

You can use this tutorial for any holiday flower arrangement, but I was inspired by a ready made one at Michael's. I liked it so much that I actually was considering buying it for their price... $49.99... Oh boy that would have been buyer's remorse BIG TIME! So after pushing it around in the cart & carefully inspecting it, I figured out what I needed to make my own.

A craft pumpkin in your color choice... scalped.
I usually am very anal about perfect straight cuts, etc, but I was pressed for time. So I used a butter knife stabbed it around as much as I could, then ripped the rest of it off.
You won't see the edge after all the flowers are in it.

A stereofoam ball big enough to fit into your pumpkin.
I found this to be very light & if you have a top heavy floral arrangement, well, you're gonna need more weight in the base. So I suggest getting rocks or sand, putting that at the bottom, and then squeezing your ball or putting a half ball into your base...

Again, I was so pressed for time, so I just popped this sucker in there & went on sticking my floral pieces in there. I'll probably undo it & weigh it down next Halloween, but for now it's staying packed in the containers in the garage AS IS.

Now for the part I didn't show you... I did this a few weeks before the actual arrangement making. Got a few dollar store floral sprigs (your choice) & spray painted them black. It doesn't have to be completely coated. It actually gives them a neat look when some of the color still shows through the black...

In this photo you can see, some of the orange parts I missed.
 All I did was spread out the sprigs as much as possible, put them out on my very abused dropped cloth & sprayed away. Flipped it over and sprayed some more.
 I use to be very shy when it came to spray painting things... Now, not so much! Let me at it!!! :::evil grin:::


I did buy a few "pricier" pieces for my arrangement though. These were found in the christmas holiday section of my craft store. They were fun and glittery & acted as "focal points" to my otherwise black arangement.

And ta-dah!
 I have a nice halloween foral arrangement.
This project cost me about $13.
Instead of the crazy price they were asking at the craft store. I am going to revamp it a little more next year. Maybe add a spider or two, some purple.. But there you have it.
I wrapped some cute glittery fabric around the pumpkin & put in on the coffee table & called it a day! :)

Let me know if you have any questions!
I'm thinking of making one for Thanksgiving, possibly going for the rustic w/ vintage lace vibe.
 In any case, I'll let you know!

Thanks for stopping by!



Halloween tour VIDEO!

I decided to make a video/ slideshow tour of all Halloween things around the house instead of the same ho-hum entry with picture after picture. I'm starting to finally work on new projects, both personal projects for home, and for the etsy shop. I'm scheduled to reopen the shop by this coming Sunday November 20th, but I'm not too sure yet. I'm kind of liking taking it easy.

I'm definitely enjoying being home, crafting, cooking, cleaning and resting when I need to. I've been able to just focus on family & household things and it's really really nice.

The capelet was definitely fun to make. I'm considering making more next Halloween to put up in the etsy shop. I tweaked the pattern a lil bit but I got the pattern from: http://www.fleecefun.com/red-riding-hood-cape-pattern.html

It's a easy pattern to follow.

You can use any material with this pattern. I used a really thick silk material when originally I wanted a very soft flowy satin, and only found it when I already got my fabric cut. DOH! (Tip: always take the time to look for exactly what you want or just ask.. Yes, I know I could have easily abandoned my cut fabric, but I'm not a douche!) Anyways, I'm thinking a fleece one is in order. It would be nice a cozy.
This whole red riding hood thing, now has me in search of the perfect red pea coat. I HAVE to have one!
Anyways, here's the video! I'll have a Halloween flower arrangement tutorial coming up next. So.....  ENJOY!

Demo video of Tony's mask....