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QUICK Washi tape holder tutorial...

We collected our supplies at Michaels & Lowes …

  • 1-  blank wooden sign (normally used for a decorative wall hanging)
Pick whatever shape & size you prefer,  but make sure it’s a sturdy thick piece because this will be your base to your washi tape holder and you don’t want it toppling over.
  • 1 – 1 inch thick dowel. I’m assuming you’re making a 6 stack one like mine in the picture so with that said, I got a 36” long dowel.
  •  A drill
  • A 1 inch hole saw
  • Wood glue
  • A hack saw
  • Paint if you prefer.
  • Felt (only if you want a  full felt bottom)  OR You could put little self-adhesive rubber/felt circles/ squares to act as feet on the bottom too. This will help protect the surface you place your washi tape display.  
I used a colored stain from Lowes because I wanted the wood grain to show through a lot more than seeing that layer of paint. I wasn’t very happy with the results, so I think if I make another wood project like this, I’ll be buying the other teal colored wood stain or maybe experiment with some food coloring & then seal it with acrylic after.  I’ll be sure to update if I try this out.

We finished this project in one evening. It took me a couple days to finish the painting portion. I put about 3 coats on & then a clear acrylic after. The only reason I did so many coats is just because it wasn't turning out like I was hoping. 

Determine where you would like your poles to go & mark center.
Tony used my actual washi tapes to figure out  a "nice" spacing to avoid an overcrowding look.
Drill down to 1/2 an inch or 3/4. Try not to drill straight through the base.  

Cut the dowel into six  --6 inch segments. 
I got a little impatient & tried out the wood stain while the dowels were drying. 

Use wood glue & place the dowels into the drilled holes.

Paint. Dry. Use.

Unfortunately, I've already ran out of room & have had to resort to a cheapy container from Daiso, however, if you can practice a little more self control unlike me. This holder should suffice. 

But I still have this one & love love love it! 

Let me know if you have any questions.




Wow! It’s been such a long time since my last entry… So I figured I’d do a quick update.
The etsy shop has been on a hiatus, as I finished up a big project.  Finally done! My little sister is turning 18 & she wanted these cute little exploding box invitations. She didn't even want to look at any other option after she saw these.
After researching and help from the BFF these little suckers came to life, piece by agonizing piece. 

little paper cakes inside "exploding boxes"

Invites all boxed up & ready to go. Thank goodness I have a huge dining table. 

I’ve been able to squeeze in little projects here and there in between doing this big project. The etsy shop had a "soft" reopening as I started to post up new items. 

I was able to do a first giveaway on the facebook page, plus a few “appreciation” gift bags for people who were actively sharing my page with their friends. That was a lot of fun! 

I did a type of “I Spy” photo game and the first two to respond won some fun rainbow toe socks. 
Quick back story: I needed measurement for the perfect fit. Requested customer send me pictures and she did this... Do you see her cute little toes? Can you see where/ what she's standing on????
 Had me laughing so hard! 

Total coincidence.. She wore rainbow socks to show me the after... I had already gotten rainbow socks for the winners a few days before. What can I say... Great minds think a like! 

If you want to keep updated please “like” the NEW facebook page www.facebook.com/girlyspazms I'm planning on having a new giveaway again soon! 

The old one was just a "like page" and it was ridiculous to get to... it was like facebook.com/somebunchofgibberish&numbersyadayada....so this new page is a lot more simple... www.facebook.com/girlyspazms 

I've picked up two new obsessions.... WASHI TAPE!!!! and the hubby made me a nice organizer for it. I'll have to put up a short fast tutorial for it when I've got a minute. I love it! Only problem is I already ran out of room, and had to resort to a container from Daiso.

This is the current stash as of today... 9-25-12.. I have 7 rolls on their way to me..
Shut up don't judge me! okay judge me. I don't care. ;D

 The other obsession... CLEAR STAMPS. You know the kind that you can keep stored away in neat little pages, and then when needed mount them on an acrylic block... Yeah. A little obsessed with those too.

Just a quick view of some sets of clear stamps I have.

I have so many ideas that I've written down. I started making cards which was one of the things I really wanted to finally dive into. 

Instagram shot of my lil halloween lunch cards I made.
All packaged w/ envelopes made to size. 

And finally October is just around the corner, which means I can break out the halloween decor again!!! yay!!!!!!

Halloween my most favorite holiday aside from Valentine's is coming again! I made the mistake of going on a "quick" Michael's run when they first put out the new things for Halloween, and boy! was my head spinning. "I JUST CAME IN TO GET SPRAY GLUE!!!! DAMN YOU MICHAELS!!!!"    

If you don't remember last years video... Here you go! 

And last to share.... Family art project coming soon..... Dia de los muertos sugar skull decorating.. 

Thanks for reading! What have you been up to?