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home project: Living Room wall gallery

I started this home project last year a couple months before my 30th birthday. With a long piece of yarn, Tony & I determined the area of the rectangle, and this was my border to follow...

I eagerly told myself that it would be done in time for my big party, and my guests would have something awesome to look at. As the time came & went.... the project went unfinished for a whole year. 

It was a constant reminder as I looked up at the wall... "UGH! I need to finish that!"

I carried a picture of my progress on my iphone so when I was fortunate to find a frame to my liking  I could figure out if it fit in a particular spot...

 I'm proud to announce! TA-DAH! it's done... well kinda. The frames are all up... Now I'm working on which pictures to put up. I wanted to put up my favorite pictures of friends & family.... Not necessarily studio portraits, but pics I enjoy looking at. A nice mix of color, black & white, and if anything scenery... I'm hoping this portion of project will go a lot smoother and FASTER than the first half... 

But this is what I carry around now. I shall update later when all my pics are up w/ a story or brief description.

The summer has been absolutely nuts, and just when I think I can take a breather. The kids will be back in school in about 4 weeks, so I'm gonna take the time to play & be mom a little longer until we're back to the ho-hum schedule of school days again.  So much  for working on more projects before Summer came to and end. 
I am, however, finally getting my business cards, and a rubber stamp of my logo. I'll post as soon as I get them..

In the meantime, I will be putting together a collage of the summer crafts I've made, so I can finally share with you the things I've been up to.