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Time flies...

Geeze, this summer went by quick. In little over a week, the kiddos will be back to school, and we’ll be back to our same weekday routine.
I’m not complaining. It’s been fun, but I’ve felt like such a bum that, getting back to an established routine is very much welcomed & definitely needed.
I’ve been working a lot more on crafting when I can (while we're watching tv @ home, knitting in the car at lights, or when I'm not driving), and I've tried to finish a small quick day project while working on a larger project. So just a quick update on latest and greatest.
I working on a few pieces to put up and set up shop on etsy. Finally. 

I got some business cards made up. I’m pretty happy with them but I could have made the font a little bigger. I’ll be sure to do it in the next batch.

New business cards

I also got my logo done on a rubber stamp, so as to have something versatile for tags, jewelry cards, etc. When I ordered them I expected it to be larger, unfortunately I should have zoomed in more & cropped it before submitting it in for the order. It works though, and I will eventually get a larger one...

Stamp happy

I went a little stamp happy when it arrived. 

At this point, I've set up my etsy shop. There isn't anything for sale yet... 
but it's there!


There's so much more to do on there besides post my items up... Shop policies. Maybe I'll get to work on that a little bit tonight or over the weekend.  I need to get that portion set up before I start selling. 

I'm ending for now.  Remember to leave me a comment so I know you stopped by. 

Thanks for coming by! :)