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Happy 2011!

Wow! This holiday season came & went in a flash. I got wrapped up with the etsy shop & the orders that came in. Even the last minute orders! I was happy to see that all my clients (even the procrastinators, and I say that lovingly) got their packages on time. YAY! So with the New Year in less than 11 hours coming, I've already started getting my list of TO DOs for the upcoming year. I'm sure I could go on and on and list them but for now I'll just leave it at one of the most important ones. Getting organized, and keeping to a set time schedule are things I need to learn to manage. I mean I read tons and tons of advice on small/ home businesses, but seriously didn't think how much time it takes out of your day even as you "work" at home. Sam even made me promise that one of the things I need to do at the very least, is not check my email when I'm heading to the gym. So gym time is really me time, no email. From driving over there to working out to coming home and shower, she made me promise to keep that time clear of business type things. She's a smart kid what can I say.
Anyways, the passed two days I've been organizing the craft studio, and I managed to use my cricut (something I put on my list to get more acquainted with in 2011) and came up with this awesome quick project.

I have a ton of binders with different things in them.. I decided to label them.
I used my cricut to cut out the words. I put regular contact paper through it and came out with good results. 

Then I peeled the backing off & put them on the binder spines. 

The contact paper acted as a stencil & I was able to paint in the letters...

I let them dry overnight & peeled off the contact paper in the AM...

"Invoices & Receipts" kept together. "Patterns" will mainly be for my sewing patterns but stencils too.

"Ideas" keep all my magazine clippings for craft ideas, or clothes/ 

 "Nestings" is for all the house ideas I come across & want to try or at least attempt to. They need their own binder, because I have tons of mag clippings for my nesting moments.

So, I'm happy to see that my little experiment with my cricut worked, and she cooperated to crank out these stencils for me.  I've had that poor machine forever. I HAD to have it & when I got it for a good deal off ebay, well...I rarely used it. So, so like I said, one of my other goals is to get more acquainted with it & put it to good use this coming year.
Wish me luck! 
Happy New Year 2011!
Feel free to share any of your new year goals! I'd love to see them!