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October has been such a busy month. Today marks the one week countdown til my surgery. I’m nervous, but we’re preparing. The etsy shop will be “on vacation”  by the time I re-open I’ll have an action plan for the holiday rush.  I told myself I wasn’t going to decorate much because of the upcoming events but of course I didn’t listen to myself & decorated the house for Halloween. I do need to give myself credit though. I didn’t put out my Nightmare before Christmas village, I’m bummed but at the same time it would have been more work to put out & put back.  So I get points for that right???
So I just wanted to do a quick update.  It’s Halloween weekend, and with all the costume making and decorating, I didn’t blog AT ALL this month til now. I’ll be sure to make up for it, with  lots of pictures and descriptions in the next entry. I am so excited about this Halloween, because although I love Halloween, I haven’t dressed up in such a long time.  I’ve always focused on decorations. This year I have four costumes to make and only one done.  So I’m really pressed for time. Even right now as  I type this out I only have one done, and that’s only because today is Halloween dress up day for the school. We’ve got a few parties to get to over the weekend, so tonight & tomorrow is basically all I’ve got to finish the other three.
Wish me luck! Can’t wait to give you a “tour” blog-wise of the festivities of Halloween. Next year we’re throwing a party!