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Valentines Prep..

Instead of dwelling on why I haven't blogged since < insert ridiculous amount of time here > , let's just get on to this week. I was recently in a car accident in January so the doctor has put me on limited work duties, giving me limited time at work, and rest at home. When I'm feeling up to it I craft and do housework. 
This week was v-day prepping. 
I managed to make a 2 layer guava cake! yay! 

Before Gel topping.. 

With gel topping..
We had this cake to celebrate the Lunar (Chinese New Year)..
I made some shaker cards for my favorite kiddos...

Close up of Judy's.. 

I made mini shaker valentine's cards for a few of my co-workers...

And helped the kiddos with their valentine's goodies.
Anthony gave out what we will call "knock you silly" brownies for his friends... 
FOR DIRECTIONS on brownies click here>>> http://girlyspazms.blogspot.com/2013/02/knock-you-crazy.html

Brownies all wrapped up and ready to go.. 
Sami gave out friendship bracelets... 

These were a simple design print & cut on the silhouette. 

Valentine's Day turned out to be a pretty awesome day. The hubs and I changed it up, and instead of our usual Napa trip, we went hiking up to Mission Peak in beautiful Fremont California. We had a cute little picnic at the top, and headed down. Made it home, showered, and went out for a great lobster, shrimp & salmon dinner. It was a really nice time. 

The view from Mission Peak..
We made it despite the horrible 50+ mph winds working against us. 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
 Hope you all had a great one too, and have an amazing Presidents' Day Weekend!
I'm hoping that I'll get my paint this week so I can start painting & get my craft room finished finally.  When it's all ready, I plan on doing a youtube craft room tour. 
:::keeping fingers crossed::: 


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